Fredrik Berlin
25 y/o musician from Sweden.

aruggedpurplecupcake said: It depends on what kind of staff you’d ant, really. There are a lot of websites you could browse for LED/light staffs, or fire staffs, or you could build your own to practice and play with. And you can buy a case if you like.

:O Now you got me thinking about being somekind of jedi superhero.
Well played miss. :D
aruggedpurplecupcake: Have you ever tried spinning poi? Or maybe a staff or something? Prop manipulation is becoming a big thing in some places.

I’d loooooove to be a ninja turtle and rock a staff! Where do you get one?:O!! Guess I’d have to practice like crazy if I wanted to fight of haters and thugs though.. And is there any practical way of carrying one around?

Give me tips about fun stuff to “try out before I check out”!